Allstate Insurance

Medical Narration - S-Path

Crypto App

Digital Marketing Company

Heartfelt Charity

Checklist for Monday

BNB Property Service

Apdated - CSR Company

Medical Narration - Genesis

Book Promo - Take Control

Book Promo - Trolls

Notary Commercial

Hospital App Promo

Diabetic Product Promo

KuCoin Promo

App Promo w Attitude

Indian Spice Supplies

HostSheriff Commercial

HealthQuilt Commercial

Game App Commercial

Frontline Commercial

Green Business App

The Soundtrack Guy

Stella Sealant Applicator


Grant Writing Company

Roofer Commercial

Religious Translations

Promotions Company

Online Printing Commercial

Motohunt Commercial


While most clients only need a voice for their project, some clients also need a complete commercial, promo or explainer video. As it happens, I am also an experienced video editor, so I am often able to fulfill their video needs as well.

In the following examples, I have provided everything you see and hear, including voice-over. I first worked with each client to help create their perfect script. Next, I recorded the voice-over and licensed the music. Then, after creating the graphics and animations for the project, I sourced and edited the footage to produce their final product, ready for broadcast or internet.


Phone & IVR Examples

Hold Loop 1 - Re/Max

Hold Loop 2 - eMortgage Capital

Hold Loop 3 - Cowboy Voice

Hold Loop 4 - Family Dentistry

Phone Menu 1 - Pharmacy

Character Voices (for Video Games and Cartoons)

Phone Menu 2 - CyberSecurity

Character Reel

Western Barkeep

Spaceship AI

Resistance Fighter


Hologram Uncle

Hero Dad

Ghost Sailor

Town Elder

Detective Noir


Battlefield Sgt

VIP Protection

Travel Agency

Tax Prep Commercial

Outdoor Lighting

Martial Arts Training